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Insights on Finance

woman running business at home through video conferences with customers

Business Owner Roundup: How are You Adapting to the Current Environment?

by Kelly Spors

  Businesses that survive for generations share a common trait: When the business climate becomes…

1 comments | posted 3 days ago under Finance, Sales

How I Did It: Turned My Ornament Business into a Year-Round Success

by Thelma Hamilton, owner of Thelma L. Hamilton Designs, Watertown, New York

  When I started hand-painting holiday ornaments 30 years ago, it was just a fun…

4 comments | posted 4 months ago under Finance, Management
Spectrum Business: Top Performing Internet Provider - 2018 FCC Broadband Report. Connect Today.

Business Owner Roundup: How Technology Saves My Company Money

by Kelly Spors

  Technology is not only a great productivity driver. It also helps businesses cut costs—or…

0 comments | posted 6 months ago under Finance, Technology

What Businesses Need to Know Before Accepting P2P Payments

by Rebecca McReynolds

  The explosive growth of peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps, such as Venmo, Zelle and Square…

0 comments | posted 8 months ago under Finance, Technology

How to Set the Right Prices for Your Products and Services

by Rebecca McReynolds

  Your prices can make—or break—your business. Price something too high, and you won’t get…

0 comments | posted 1 year ago under Finance, New Businesses

Personal Finance Apps: They Can Help Your Business, Too

by Rebecca McReynolds

    Personal finance apps aren’t just used to help consumers be savvier spenders and…

0 comments | posted 1 year ago under Finance

What’s a Fair Salary to Offer? How to Find Out

by Mark Henricks

  Looking to hire, but scrambling to find the right talent? Join the crowd. Nearly…

0 comments | posted 2 years ago under Finance, Management

4 Budgeting Best Practices for Solopreneurs

by Kristin Colella

What do you call an entrepreneur who singlehandedly runs a business without a partner or…

0 comments | posted 2 years ago under Finance, New Businesses